Laravel is a popular PHP framework that provides a convenient and elegant way to work with various APIs, including IMAP. IMAP is a protocol used to retrieve and manage email messages from a mail server.

Here’s an example of how to use Laravel’s built-in IMAP library to retrieve email messages:

First, you need to install the webklex/laravel-imap package via Composer. Open your terminal and run the following command:

composer require webklex/laravel-imap

Next, you need to configure the IMAP settings in your .env file. Add the following lines to your .env file and replace the placeholders with your own mail server details:


Once you have configured the IMAP settings, you can use Laravel’s Imap class to interact with the mail server. Here’s an example of how to retrieve the first 10 email messages from the inbox:

use Webklex\IMAP\Facades\Client;

$client = Client::account('default');

$messages = $client->getMessages(10);
foreach ($messages as $message) {
    echo "From: " . $message->getFrom()[0]->mail . "\n";
    echo "Subject: " . $message->getSubject() . "\n";
    echo "Date: " . $message->getDate() . "\n";
    echo "Body: " . $message->getHTMLBody() . "\n";

This code uses the Client facade to connect to the default IMAP account, select the inbox folder, and retrieve the first 10 email messages. It then loops through the messages and prints out the sender, subject, date, and HTML body of each message.

Note that this is just a basic example, and there are many more methods available in the Imap class for working with email messages, such as deleting, moving, and flagging messages. You can refer to the official documentation for more information: