SimplyDocs is a web-based software platform which helps you to create and manage web forms, generate filled documents, publish the documents for almost everything & business proposals.

With SimplyDocs, users are empowered to create online forms which can be used in a standalone manner or embedded in business applications. With the help of the Template Studio, users can generate pre-filled business documents on a real-time basis, either by mapping them with the forms or by using API integration. Additionally, it allows users to publish multi-page documents about everything, from manuals to the knowledge base, from product documents to FAQs, and much more. SimplyDocs API integration gets the form data into their business application on a real-time basis through RESTful API integration. Additionally, they also offer a flexible multi-stage approval workflow and the ability to perform eSignature, and it allows users to configure their own AWS S3 bucket.

You can connect SimplyDocs with Pabby (Connect) to achieve various automation task.