Hello and welcome to the course of machine learning.

This is Satish Sharma. And I’d like to say that i am super excited to have inside this class.We are going to show you 10 examples of how machine learning is used in the real world.So you can get super excited that you are learning these things at the moment in this class.

So let’s get started.

All right machine learning applications number one Facebook facial recognition. Everybody knows this when you upload a photo. Facebook somehow knows already who your friends are and tags them automatically. Well that’s a machine learning algorithm in action. There’s a device or still is you can still buy. It’s called connected really didn’t really lift off but that’s like a marketing thing but it’s a really cool device.It looks at your actions and you don’t have to have a joystick and you can play games on your X-Box and actually it uses a machine learning algorithm called random forest which will discuss in great detail inside this class.Then there’s the virtual reality headsets where you turn your head and the picture moves and how does the machine know how does headset know what to portray.

Well that’s a machine learning algorithm monitoring your actions and connecting them to the game or whatever you’re looking at then on your phone so you have an iPhone. You’ll see this little button where you can do text to speech to text or voice recognition.

And when you click that button it recognizes what you’re saying well that’s a machine learning algorithm in action again. Then we’ve got robot dogs and they learn how to walk and it’s very interesting how they teach them how to walk.

They don’t just put an algorithm in them. Most of the time they actually use a good algorithm or a machine a learning method called reinforcement learning so that dogs learn how to walk on their own.

Very interesting and one other thing that I will discuss inside the score. So Facebook ads they know you better than you know yourself.

Machine learning.

Amazon Netflix audible all use machine learning for their recommender systems.

Machine learning is used in medicine.

I personally know a data scientist who uses machine learning to save lives of people on a daily basis.

Machine learning is used in space to recognize certain areas of the world through maps and machine learning is used to explore new territories such as Mars.

Wonderful so hopefully that got you excited. That’s just ten examples of machine learning and how it’s used in the real life. And in this course we’ll look at many different machine learning algorithms.

Those are used in these examples and those are that are used in other examples so hopefully you’re going to enjoy this class and find your own ways to apply machine learning in the real world.

And we always see on the next tutorial.