Node.js v20.5.1 has been released with a number of performance improvements and bug fixes. The main highlights of this release include:

  • A new HTTP/2 multiplexing algorithm that can improve performance by up to 20%.
  • A fix for a bug that could cause the fs.readFile() method to hang.
  • A number of other bug fixes and improvements.


The new HTTP/2 multiplexing algorithm is a significant performance improvement for Node.js applications that use HTTP/2. This algorithm allows multiple requests to be multiplexed over a single connection, which can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to send and receive data.

The bug fix for the fs.readFile() method is also important, as this method is used to read files from the filesystem. The bug could cause the method to hang if the file was larger than a certain size.

The other bug fixes and improvements in this release address a variety of issues, such as memory leaks and security vulnerabilities.

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Node.js v20.5.1 is a significant release that includes a number of performance improvements and bug fixes. If you are using Node.js, I recommend upgrading to this version.

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To learn more about the new features and bug fixes in Node.js v20.5.1, please visit the release notes:

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