Laravel API Response Helpers is a super simple package allowing for consistent API responses throughout your Laravel application:

// Use this trait within a controller
use ApiResponseHelpers;
// Provides the following methods:
$this->respondNotFound(string|Exception $message, ?string $key = 'error')
$this->respondWithSuccess(?array $contents = [])
$this->respondOk(string $message)
$this->respondUnAuthenticated(?string $message = null)
$this->respondForbidden(?string $message = null)
$this->respondError(?string $message = null)
$this->respondCreated(?array $data = [])
$this->respondNoContent(?array $data = [])

The goal of this package is to ensure consistent JSON API responses throughout an application. It provides a consistent way to respond instead of manually designing the API response:

// i.e.
response()->json(['message' => $error], Response::HTTP_BAD_REQUEST)
// or

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.