The Laravel team released 8.80 with the ability to define a route group controller, render a string with the Blade compiler, PHPRedis serialization and compression config support, and the latest changes in the v8.x branch.

Specify a Route Group Controller

Luke Downing contributed the ability to define a controller for a route group, meaning you don’t have to repeat which controller a route uses if the group uses the same controller:

    ->group(function () {
        Route::get('', 'index')->name('index');
        Route::get('/bills', 'bills')->name('bills');
        Route::get('/bills/{bill}/invoice/pdf', 'invoice')->name('pdf.invoice');

Render a String With Blade

Jason Beggs contributed a Blade::render() method that uses the Blade compiler to convert a string of Blade templating into a rendered string:

// Returns 'Hello, Satish'
Blade::render('Hello, {{ $name }}', ['name' => 'Satish']);
// Returns 'Foo '
Blade::render('@if($foo) Foo @else Bar @endif', ['foo' => true]);
// It even supports components :)
// Returns 'Hello, Sharma'
Blade::render('<x-test name="Sharma" />');

PHPRedis Serialization and Compression Config Support

Petr Levtonov contributed the ability to configure PHPRedis serialization and compression options instead of needing to overwrite the service provider or define a custom driver.

The PR introduced the following serialization options:

  • NONE
  • PHP
  • JSON

And the following compressor options:

  • NONE
  • LZF
  • ZSTD
  • LZ4

These options are now documented in the Redis – Laravel documentation.