Artificial Intelligence, Programming

OpenAI SDK for PHP

The orhanerday/open-ai package is a PHP SDK for accessing the OpenAI GPT-3 API. It supports the complete, search, answer, classification, and engine APIs. Here’s an example of using the OpenAI classification API with this package: You’ll get back the following classification for…

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Design Patterns

Python Password Generator

Learn how to create a random password generator in Python. We know that passwords are a real security threat. To keep your account safe and prevent your password from being hacked you have to make your password hard enough that…

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Machine Learning

Is machine learning is the future?

Hello and welcome back to our portal onlinelearningportal.website, today we’re going to find out why machine learning is the future. Are you excited. I’m pretty excited. Let’s get started. All right. So here we’ve got a cloud and it’s a…

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